About Us

A ripple is all it takes for an INFLUENCER WAVE.

Grapevine Village is a global end-to-end e-commerce marketplace that leverages the relationships built between brands and digital creators on social media to seamlessly deliver goods and services to consumers everywhere.

Grapevine Village builds the influencer trust economy through forging rev-share partnerships with innovative brands and entrepreneurial creators across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Grapevine Village Influencer About Us
Grapevine Village Influencer About Us
Why Grapevine Village?

Smaller Influencers with high levels of engagement produce more effective campaigns.

An Enthusiastic Audience

Grapevine Logic’s Influencer Marketing platform has been building its community since 2012. Through our work, we’ve found that for boutique brands that seek to go direct-to-market, the most effective brand collaborations are actually from entrepreneurial nano-influencers who have developed an engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal audience thanks to their passion and authenticity behind the posts they share across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Curated Brands

Grapevine Village simplifies shopping through leveraging influencer marketing to deliver real results for creators, brands, and the customers that love them. Our team curates the best brands on the market to go directly to market on our platform with the support of creators that are true authentic fans of the products promoted. No matter who you are or where you are, you're sure to find something great in the Grapevine Village.

Revenue-Share Model

Creators are incentivized to produce high quality, engaging content that delights you, the customer, and helps brands find great future advocates.

High-Impact Campaigns

Brands can go directly-to-market, to you, in the most authentic way possible.

Results-Driven Renumeration

Brands pay influencers for only effective campaigns. Sales acquisition costs self-adjust by levels of influencers’ success.

Authentic, High Quality Content

Creators promote only the products they truly love and trust to their loyal fans and followers.

Meet Our Team

Grapevine Village has gathered a team of experienced leaders, marketers, and social media experts to build a vibrant community.

Kristen Standish


Jibran Malek

Marketing Director

Annie Xiao

Brand Manager

Join the Influencer Trust Economy

We’d love to show you how to monetize the trust community you’ve worked hard to build.