Let’s Take your Brand Global

Grapevine Village will help put your direct-to-consumer products straight into the hands of entrepreneurial influencers to act as a viral extension of your field marketing and sales teams.


Our team of in-house experts will help design an offer for our e-commerce marketplace.


Creators will post content across their social media feeds to sell your product.


Tap into a network of grassroots influencers and hire them to become your sales-agents.


Get your content seen and ship your product to consumers all over the world.

Only pay for ROI-positive content.

Influencer marketing can be such a black box. It can be difficult for brands to prove how effective the channel is. With Grapevine Village, creators only get a 10% commission on sales through unique tracking links generated on our platform. All you have to do is ship product to them.

Recruit your very own viral field marketing team

With a 10% commission, the entrepreneurial influencer's we've curated on our network will leverage the trust they've built across their communities to make sure your product gets in the hands of customers and future brand advocates.

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